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Sensing the Earth's low ionosphere during solar flares, using VLF signals and GOES solar X-ray dataNormal access

Author: A. Kolarski
Event name: 5th Congress of Balkan Geophysical Society
Session: Special topics
Publication date: 10 May 2009
Organisations: BGS, EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 636.57Kb )
Price: € 20

Simultaneous analysis of the effects of M2.5-class solar flare event on VLF signal amplitude and phase delay variations for the GQD/22.1 kHz and NAA/24.0 kHz signal traces was carried out. Solar flare data were taken from GOES12 satellite one-minute listings. The VLF data recordings were performed at the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia, by the AbsPAL system. It was found that a single solar flare event changes the lower ionosphere electron density height profile, in dependence of the Earth-ionosphere waveguide characteristics. The values of the parameters sharpness and reflection height during flare conditions have been evaluated for two traces considered.

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