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Inversion for Thin-Bed Thicknesses Using Seismic Spectral DataNormal access

Authors: M.I. Al-Marhoon, Y. Luo, M. Alfaraj and Q. Liu
Event name: 65th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
Session: AVO Analysis & Inversion
Publication date: 02 June 2003
Organisations: BGS, EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 1.2Mb )
Price: € 20

E-30 INVERSION FOR THIN-BED THICKNESSES USING SEISMIC SPECTRAL DATA 1 MAHER I. AL-MARHOON 1 YI LUO 1 MOHAMMED ALFARAJ 1 and QINGLIN LIU 2 1 Saudi Aramco PO Box 8417 Dhahran 31311 Saudi Arabia 2 WesternGeco PO Box 8417 Dhahran 31311 Saudi Arabia Abstract This paper presents an inversion method for estimat ing thin-bed thicknesses by inverting power spectra which in this context are produced by applying windowed Fourier transform to seismic data. We will also demonstrate other benefits arising from decomposing seismic data into different frequencies specifically the delineation of certain geological features based on resonance effects. Introduction In

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