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A history of events in the exploration for the Wytch Farm oilfield, southern EnglandNormal access

Authors: A. Hurst and V. S. Colter
Journal name: Petroleum Geoscience
Issue: Vol 4, No 4, November 1998 pp. 377 - 379
DOI: 10.1144/petgeo.4.4.377
Organisations: Geological Society of London
Language: English
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In a paper that addressed the issue of failing to identify the presence of hydrocarbons in several giant accumulations in the UK, Dean (1996) coined the term 'undiscovery wells'. Undiscovery may arise for a variety of reasons but, if Dean’s (1996)examples are typical, often as a consequence of simple mistakes. The background for undiscovery is varied, but it often reflects operators' unwillingness to invest resources in a project that did not immediately and unequivocally identify the accumulation for which they were exploring. Wytch Farm was an undiscovery because the significance of an oil discovery made in 1964 was both misinterpreted and, for reasons of exploration strategy, not tested in case poor test results down-graded the perceived exploration potential of the area.

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