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An Evaluation of Gas Diffusivity Measurement in Reservoir Fluid From Low to High Pressure Systems for Oil Recovery ApplicationsNormal access

Authors: S. Zainal, H.V. Yee, I. Saaid and J. Jelani
Event name: IPTC 2009: International Petroleum Technology Conference
Session: World Energy Challenges: Endurance and Commitment
Publication date: 07 December 2009
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 389.75Kb )
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Gas diffusivity is a subject of interest in oil recovery projects. Its study is imperative in understanding the transport properties
of two different species; gas and liquid. It enables the analysis of the rate of transport caused by concentration gradient.
Considering that different gas and liquid systems have different diffusivities, there is a need to determine its value to be able
to incorporate the effect of mass transfer in the design and planning of any gas injection and enhanced oil recovery projects;
for instance, miscible gas flooding and non-thermal recovery of heavy oil by solvent injection. Diffusivity also assists in
understanding methane hydrates formation and phase distribution process in a shut-in well. In reservoir engineering
application specifically, diffusivity may be important when modeling gas displacement process at extremely low flow rate or
in very small scale such as a micro-model.

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