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Avo Attribute Mapping: A Case StudyNormal access

Authors: A.Z.N. de Barros, A.L. Romanelli Rosa and A.P. Francês
Event name: 6th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society
Session: AVO
Publication date: 15 August 1999
Organisations: SBGf
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 431.12Kb )

Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) attributes are well known hydrocarbon indicators. The importance of its application increases with
advances in processing and a better understanding of the expected kind of play. AVO analysis on 3-D seismic data introduces
more confidence on the process, resulting in a better understanding of the distribution of both the hydrocarbon and the reservoir
distribution. This technique was successfully applied in an area with an oil -bearing sandstone reservoir. The seismic response at
the target level, which is sometimes misleading in migrated sections, proved to be highly useful when analyzed in map form.

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