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Application of GPR for a more efficient mine planningNormal access

Authors: M. Momayez, A. Hara, F.P. Hassani and A. Sadri
Event name: Fifth International Conferention on Ground Penetrating Radar
Session: Mining and Tunnelling Applications
Publication date: 12 June 1994
Language: English
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The Canadian mining industry is faced with international competition, low base metal prices and diminishing mineral reserves. To remain competitive on the international market, the industry must reduce the cost of mining and increase productivity while maintaining a high standard of safety. To do so, there is a great need for improved methods that would allow the detection of geological structures in advance of mining and the monitoring of pillar integrity to reduce dilution and increase safety. This will facilitate planning for optimum exploitation of the mine and to increase production at lower costs. The present paper discusses an example of more efficient mine planning using new technologies such as Ground Probing Radar (GPR). Here, GPR technology is used at the 2500 level of the Kidd Creek mine in Timmins, Ontario to (l) monitor the stability of the sill pillar, (2) locate the presence of disseminated sulfide pockets in the sill pillar for extracting the mineral content and (3) monitor the stope backs and wall structures to evaluate the effect of on-time filling sequences.

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