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Comparison of Safe Bearing Capacity Obtained by Various Formulae for Railway Track Route ( An example of Turkey)Normal access

Authors: S. Goren and K. Gelisli
Event name: Second EAGE International Conference on Engineering Geophysics
Session: Engineering Geology II
Publication date: 24 November 2013
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.20131911
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
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In this study, the factors which reeffected the mechanism of bearing capasity were summarized. The whole data were evaluated according to bearing capasity analyses which developed depend on shear wave velocity (Vs) , standart penetration test (SPT(N1)60) and mechanical tests. The data which are needed for bearing capasity analyses were collected from Sivas-Erzincan region of TURKEY. The data were reassessment which obtained seismic cross-sections, vertical electric soundings and mechanic drilling studies have made in Sivas region. These geotechnical sections were composed by making relations. The use of seismic geophysical method has been investigated, in order to detection of accurate railways, it was built in 2007 within Sivas - Erzincan boundaries were examined by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport in the study. Parameters of bearing capasity are calculated by Matlab. It was determined P wave velocity (Vp), S wave velocity (Vs), density (d), shear modulus, elasticity modulus, bulk modulus, poisson ratio, soil bearing capacity parameters.

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