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Spectral Analysis of Seismic Data: Implications for Detecting Highly Porous ReservoirsNormal access

Authors: L.D. Gik, V.A. Kontorovich, M.S. Kanakov, V.V. Lapkovsky, B.V. Lunev and M.M. Nemirovich- Danchenko
Journal name: Seismic Technology
Issue: Vol 10, No 3, July 2013 pp. 1 - 7
DOI: 10.3997/2405-7495.2015055
Language: English
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The study aims at testing the use of variations in seismic spectra as guides for detecting lossy zones in time sections processed with conventional techniques. High attenuation of seismic energy in thus detected zones may result from high volume contents of voids (both primary and secondary porosity). Depending on specific geological settings, they may be interpreted as zones of oil and gas accumulation or migration.

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