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Near-surface Multiwave Seismic in Permafrost StudyNormal access

Authors: V.M. Kuznetsov, A.P. Zhukov, E.O. Nikonov, T.N. Gafarov and A.V. Kusevich
Journal name: Seismic Technology
Issue: Vol 11, No 1, January 2014 pp. 1 - 9
DOI: 10.3997/2405-7495.2015072
Language: English
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This paper is an overview of the results derived from shallow multicomponent seismic (down to 200 m) within the near-surface permafrost interval. The results were obtained using 3C receivers, vertical (Z) and horizontal (Y) impact excitation, and PP-, PS-, and SH-waves. The most reliable results for the study area were generated by processing the Yy data for SHreflections. The close similarity between SH- and PP-wave spectra, coupled with much lower (by a factor of 4 to 5) velocities, explains the high resolution of non-converted shear wave images in the shallow subsurface intervals.

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