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Wavefield Modelling for a Regional Seismic Profile across the East Barents BasinNormal access

Authors: G.V. Golikova, K.Yu. Sannikov, L.A. Daragan-Sushhova and E.L. Lyskova
Journal name: Seismic Technology
Issue: Vol 11, No 1, January 2014 pp. 1 - 11
DOI: 10.3997/2405-7495.2015074
Language: English
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Data collected along a regional reflection profile that traverses the East Barents basin are used to study wavefield Ia that marks the transition from carbonate to siliciclastic sediments at the Permian boundary. Seismic models have been generated for three structural units along the profile, and the spectral composition of the wavefields is studied using wavelet analysis. Numerical modelling of wavefields for the three units provides evidence of amplitude variations, with attenuation and refraction at high-velocity intrusive rocks. The high-velocity layers partly screen reflections coming up from larger depths. The frequency components likewise change at the same interfaces, i.e., frequency experiences some screening as well.

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