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Improving Upper Ordovician reservoir characterization — an Algerian case studyNormal access

Authors: Nicolas Nosjean, O. Voutay, M. Dupouy and S. Zahir
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 35, No 5, May 2017 pp. 47 - 53
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 1.58Mb )
Price: € 30

This case study presents an integrated sub-surface data case study of a gas discovery cluster at the end of the exploration phase. The objective is to understand what we can do with the data at our disposal to improve the interpretation of the reservoir at Ordovician level, in order to select an optimal location of tree appraisal wells to be drilled in a major discovery during the last exploration phase, and to fine-tune the in-place volumes estimates and associated uncertainties. In this paper, we will highlight three main aspects of the outcomes of the study. First, the methodology applied to generate the inversion, with associated Quality Checks (QC) to transform the seismic signal into sand packages. Secondly, we will highlight some key information extracted from the interpretation that is crucial for the appraisal of the discovery. Finally, we will present how we integrated those results with well information to fine-tune the depositional model of the Upper Ordovician reservoir in the area.

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