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Pressure Control by the Hour – Improving Subsea ReliabilityGold Open Access

Authors: R. Chambault and K. Bordosky
Event name: First EAGE Workshop on Deepwater Exploration in Mexico: Foster collaboration to unlock potential
Session: Overcoming Operational Challenges Part II
Publication date: 15 May 2018
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201800629
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Abstract, PDF ( 116.92Kb )

Innovation Beyond the Product - Changing the Future of Offshore Drilling In 2016, Diamond and BHGE introduced one of the most significant innovations to subsea reliability in the last two decades. The weakness of the traditional industry model whereby OEMs are sporadically engaged on a transactional basis to support BOP systems, which resulted in undesired BOP performance—an unwelcome impact to the operator. In contrast, Diamond and BHGE drastically changed this model with our revolutionary Pressure Control by the Hour® solution to ensure fast-acting and reliable technology streamlines the safety of operations, people, and the environment. OEM Accountability Improving Subsea Performance BHGE now maintains, monitors, and provisions the BOP System onboard Diamond’s drillships with its personnel onboard, and is contractually incentivized to continuously ensure its availability. Our commitment to this revolutionary model is showing results: in the fourth quarter of 2017 subsea downtime of Diamond’s drillship fleet was less than 1%. Stakeholder Aligment Enhancing Offshore Drilling Economics Our industry-changing solution is moving to uncharted territory with a data driven pipeline of continuous reliability improvements implemented, underway and planned. Existing customers have taken note as the Pressure Control by the Hour® solution has matured, with one operator noting the industry stands to benefit as OEM and Drilling Contractor are now fully aligned with operator interests. Roadmap for Smart, Predictive Condition-Based Maintenance The industry will be well-served from the combined commitment of BHGE and Diamond to drive change through leveraged, incentivized accountability in BOP performance. Transferring the maintenance and services of the BOP simplifies rig operations and optimizes between well maintenance to reduce the frequency and duration of downtime — everyone wins. With a focused lens on improving long-term subsea reliability through an industry-first service model, BHGE’s expertise in real-time data analytics in adjacent industrial channels yields a unique foundation to support the future state of Condition-Based Maintenance whereby calendar-based approaches to BOP maintenance become obsolete giving way to continuous certification. Knitting rigs on a digital grid will allow the industry to learn from one another and ultimately establish a global footprint of improved fleet performance vis-a-vi BOP availability as offshore drilling enters the digital age.

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