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Results of the satellite images frequency-resonant processing of the search block in the Barents Sea in the area of drilled well 7435/12-1 KorpfjellNormal access

Authors: S. Levashov, N. Yakymchuk, I. Korchagin and D. Bozhezha
Event name: 17th International Conference on Geoinformatics - Theoretical and Applied Aspects
Session: Geoinformation Researches for Petroleum and Mineral Exploration
Publication date: 14 May 2018
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201801757
Language: English
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The results of the assessment of the oil and gas potential of four areas of 3D seismic works conducting in the Norwegian part of the former "gray" zone of the Barents Sea are analyzed. Experimental studies were carried out using the frequency-resonance method of processing and interpretation of remote sensing data (RS). The total area of the surveyed blocks is equal to 39742 km2, and the area of 3D seismic works within them is 13956 km2. In 2014, two anomalous zones of the "gas reservoir" type and 13 anomalous zones of "gas + condensate deposit" type with a total area of 1613 km2 were detected and mapped within the surveyed areas. In 2017 within one of the surveyed sites a 7435/12-1 Korpfjell well with a depth of 1508 m was drilled, in which no commercial deposits of gas were found. In January 2018, a satellite image of the local well site location was processed on a larger scale. Analysis of the results of frequency resonance processing of satellite images of the drilling site in 2014 and 2018 shows that the drilled well 7435/12-1 Korpfjell is not in the optimal location. In general, the results of experimental studies show the operability and effectiveness of the direct-prospecting technology of frequency-resonance processing of satellite images during the search for hydrocarbon accumulations in the offshore. A more active application of this technology in conjunction with traditional geophysical methods (seismic, in the first place) will accelerate and optimize the geological exploration process for oil and gas in offshore and on onshore.

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