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Empirical relations converting seismic intensity to moment magnitudeNormal access

Authors: I. Aleksandrova, D. Solakov, S. Simeonova and P. Raykova
Event name: 10th Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society
Session: 2.2 Physics of Earthquakes and Seismic Sources
Publication date: 18 September 2019
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201902649
Organisations: BGS, EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 840.75Kb )
Price: € 20

Intensity is a basic parameter for assessment historical seismicity - realized until the instrumental period. The relation between intensity and seismic moment magnitude allows the creation of a homogeneous catalog. The homogeneous catalog provides compatibility of the input seismological data and allow reliable estimation of the energy distribution of earthquakes - an important stage in seismological research and essential for seismic hazard assessment. In this study are analyzed 92 earthquakes with magnitude above 4.0 (М>4.0), which occurred in space window 37.0º - 45.0º N; 21.0º – 30.0º E, during the time period 1912 – 2018 and the coefficients of the linear regression MW=MW(I0/Imax) are evaluated.

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